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​Q         What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a patient-centered approach to healthcare.  Unlike traditional medicine, chiropractic considers the entire lifestyle of the patient and thus can treat not only the symptoms, but also the cause.  Since the spine serves as the backbone of the human anatomy, dislocations in the vertebrae (also known as subluxations) can cause many problems beyond back pain.  As a result, Doctors of chiropractic can successfully treat pain and injuries such as headaches, knee pain, foot and ankle problems, TMJ, and many other problems.

Q         Are chiropractors doctors?
Yes, your chiropractor is a doctor, just as your primary care physician, dentist and optometrist.  The same as medical doctors, chiropractors must complete an intensive four-year graduate program and pass national and provincial board examinations in order to practice.

Q         Are adjustments painful?
No, adjustments are typically not painful and will often relieve any pain you might have been experiencing before the adjustment.

Q         Is chiropractic treatment safe?
Yes, studies show that chiropractic is one of the safest types of medical treatment available.

Q         What is the “popping” sound that I hear during an adjustment?
The “popping” or “cracking” sound you hear during an adjustment is caused by the release of nitrogen gas into the vacuum that is created as the joints are opened by the adjustment.

Q         How long do I have to continue treatment?
Because the treatment process works with the repetition over time, the length of time required to heal a condition depends on the extent of dysfunction.  Typically, most conditions can be healed in three to six months.  Initially you may need to see the chiropractor quite frequently (a couple times a week), but as the condition begins to heal, you can usually dropdown to once a month until it’s completely healed.  After this time, you can continue to come in for regular check-ups, if desired.

Q         Do I have to remove clothing for any exam or treatments?
​Diagnostic exams such as X-rays may require that you remove your clothing and wear a gown, but you remain fully clothed for your treatments.
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